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Brand Equity Accelerator Copy

Copy shouldn't just sell, it should also boost your brand's credibility. My copy employs the 'PAS' formula: Problem, Agitate, Solution.

Email Copywriting Samples

eCommerce Product Copy

Hair Curler


Do you enjoy paying $50 to $150 to curl your hair?


Even worse, you need to make an appointment...

...drive to the salon and 'Wait.'

Going to the salon can consume 2-4 hours of your day.

What if you could curl your hair at home?

...save $50 to $150 and get back 2-4 hours of your life?

Our customers say the Beautynetics Wireless Hair Curler works better than any traditional hot curler. 

This cordless, automatic design makes it super-easy to create beautiful, hair salon-grade curls, even if you're not a wizard hair styler.

The temperature settings allow you to create tight or loose curls from long or medium-length hair.

It's a great compact size at just 7.5" long. 

Carry this cordless wand with you in your car, bag, or on international flights. 

You can give your hair a quick touch-up anywhere, at any time.

Follow the instructions in the included manual and make beautiful curls in 30 seconds or less. 

Unlike traditional hot irons, the Beautynetics wand never gets hot enough to burn your fingers, face, or your hair.

Want a big discount? Use promo code SAVE20NOW to save 20% this week only.

Go here to get your hair curler.


The big idea in this email is to show women they can have 'Salon-Grade' curls at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, they can save time by curling their hair at home, and they don't need to be a wizard hair stylist.

Target Emotion: Happiness


Heat therapy solution for aching feet?


When your feet hurt, you may be able to power through by taking a seat and kicking up your feet. 

But other times, foot pain can literally stop you in your tracks.

Whether you suffer from a foot condition or just wore the wrong shoes, we have something that can help.

The Andromeda Electric Foot Massager is great for foot pain...

...diabetic neuropathy, swelling, improving circulation, or just a relaxing foot massage after a long day. 

Its compact design allows for easy storage and lets you take it on the go any time. 

It features an easily adjustable angle comfort bar. 

This allows you to sit naturally while the machine massages your feet, legs, calves, ankles, and toes.

The heating therapy quickly eliminates foot fatigue, enhances your body's blood circulation, and eliminates body endotoxins. 

It has a one-button automatic and straightforward operational control. 

Start from the lowest setting to get your feet used to the massager.

Want to read positive reviews from customers about how the Andromeda Electric Foot Massager made their life enjoyable again?

Go here to review the many comments.


The big idea in this email is to show foot pain sufferers they can relieve their foot pain at home. They can sit on their couch, watching their favorite show online while getting their feet massaged after a long day.

Target Emotion: Happiness


Why Drones are Super-Fun?


You will love flying a drone because it is an outdoor activity. 

If you live in a place with an agreeable climate...

...your drone adventures will be much more enjoyable and force you to explore new areas.

In a world where you might be constantly distracted by electronic screens and infinite scroll apps...

...having an excuse to explore the world outside is always welcome. 

Whenever I feel like I have spent too much time staring at my device, I plan a trip somewhere with my drone.

Our Overload Air Fly Drone is the answer. 

It's one of our best drones with a camera at a budget-friendly price. 

It's also one of our best drones for beginners with an HD camera.

Drones for sale are everywhere. 

When the mobile phone revolution took off, everyone wanted the latest cell phone...

..and posting selfies everywhere.

When you get the Overlord Air Fly Drone, you can one-up them and take daily selfies that are truly amazing.

Want to learn more about how our Overlord Air Fly Drone makes you the coolest person on your block?

Go here to watch a demo.


The big idea in this email is to show people how to be 'Cool.' Everyone wants a way to separate themselves from their friends; be cooler! A drone can give the reader that cool factor and get them outdoors to meet people and make new friends.

Target Emotion: Pride (or Coolness).

Health Info-Product Copy

Gain Muscle


Men don't notice you... here's why


The media tells you that if you're a woman that has achieved...

...educational, career, and financial accomplishments - men will notice you.

It's a lie because that is NOT how nature created men.

Men are visual for evolutionary reasons beyond this message.

The key to you getting noticed by men (even your husband)...

...is to get your sexy back!

You need to get back to your High School dress size.

Remember your High School dress size when men noticed you?

There's a reason for that.

You didn't have education degrees, a career, or financial accomplishments.

But you had a nicely shaped body.

I want to help you get back to your High School dress size.

Depending on where you're starting, it might take 3-6 months to get there.

I designed a unique program to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Go here to learn more >


The big idea in this email is to inform women that men do not notice them anymore. Women want to be noticed, not ignored. I'm playing to a women's vanity of wanting attention. Then the piece goes into why men don't notice you (women) anymore. The reason is because these women have gained weight and getting back to their 'high school' dress size would make them look sexier and generate attention.

Notice that I never use insulting words like 'fat' or 'cellulite,' but instead use the phrase, 'get back to your high school dress size.'

Target Emotion: Vanity


Why women IGNORE you


I want to bust a myth that you might have in your head.

You might think that women don't care about your body.

It's a lie!

Women love a man who's in shape...

...not necessarily muscle-bound but a muscular "look."

Women love "eye-candy" they can look at across a dinner table.

They want to show you off to their friends and co-workers.

Ask yourself, "Are you eye-candy a woman would feel proud to walk along side?"

Whether you're a single guy or married, you want to be in shape...

...with muscular shoulders, chest, and arms (in that order).

I want to help you achieve "eye-candy" status in the next 90-days.

If you're ready to be noticed by women (even your wife)...

...go to this page to learn more >


I want to shock men into taking action to get in shape. The big idea in this email was to let out-of-shape men know that they are invisible to women, even their wives. The piece also reveals to men that women love 'eye candy' too, and if they want to be a woman's 'eye candy,' they need to build a muscular physique.

Target Emotion: Vanity


When your memory fails you


When your memory fails you, it can crush your self-confidence.

You start doubting what you've said or done.

The media tells you that forgetfulness is part of aging.

This is a lie, among other lies, the media tells you.

You control your ability to have a steel-trap memory...

...whether you're 40 or 90, you can have the memory ability of a 20-year-old.

Everything required to have a brain with powerful memory ability...

...can be found at your local grocery store for about $25.

You can have control of your memory in less than 3-weeks.

There is also an essential daily activity for keeping your brain in shape.

This activity stops zombie-like creatures from eating your brain.

Doctors and the medical world want to pump you full of drugs.

These drugs can have adverse side effects like weight gain, depressed libido, low energy, etc.

There is a natural way to get your memory power back and keep it.

I can't explain everything here, so go to this page to learn more >


The big idea in this email is to tap into the uncomfortable feelings of forgetting things. I give the reader hope by informing them that getting older doesn't mean they lose control over keeping their brain in top condition. They just need information about natural methods to retain and improve their memory.

Target Emotion: Fear.


Diabetes lies... and more lies.


You may not feel any symptoms of diabetes at first. 

That's one reason why millions of people don't know they have it.

You risk heart failure, a heart attack, or a stroke. 

You could lose your vision. 

Your kidneys, nerves, or other vital organs could be damaged.

Am I saying this to scare you?

I hope this scares you because if you don't take action...

...complications can worsen the longer it's neglected.

Be careful about what the fitness "experts" tell you.

For instance, here are 3 deadly lies they've been telling you:

Lie #1 – You need to drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water per day

Lie #2 – You want to eat fewer calories

Lie #3 – You should workout at least 30 minutes a day

Believing these lies can destroy your metabolism.

And worse, it could force fat to stick to your body like glue!

If you want more insights about diabetes, watch this free video now >


The big idea in this email is to inform the reader that some fitness professionals tell lies about diabetes. Using the word 'lie' might be a bit strong because I'm sure the lie wasn't intentional, but the word 'lie' works well in copy. Fitness professionals are not medical professionals, so the reader should be careful about taking their advice. 

Target Emotion: Fear.

Wealth Info-Product Copy

Make Money Online
Options Trading


The MATRIX controls your life.


Even if you work remotely, you're controlled by the Matrix if you work for a boss.

The Matrix is when you live by someone else's rules.

[+] You're told how much you'll be paid - your salary.

[+] You're told how many hours a day to work - your work schedule.

[+] You must request vacation days off in advance.

[+]  If you want to earn more, you must justify your request for a raise.

However, the lifestyle I bet you want is more like this...

[+] You grab your laptop and work from a warm island or a cruise ship.

[+] You want an extra 10k this month, so you send an email like this one.

[+] You work 2 hours today, maybe 4 tomorrow, and no one to tell you otherwise.

[+] You decide TODAY to take a 2-week vacation with family starting TOMORROW.

You have broken OUT of the Matrix when you can do these things.

If you are ready to break out of the Matrix...

...go to this page to learn about how to do it >


The big idea in this email is the MATRIX. A play on the movie 'The Matrix' where Neo wants to escape the Matrix to enter a new world. In this piece the MATRIX is the 9-to-5 job world that the reader wants to escape and enter a world that he/she controls. 

Target Emotion: Pleasure.


Turning 100k to 1.4 mily


You might not have 100k or even 10k, but even 1k is good enough to start with.

I've uncovered a simple system to make an average 6.32% monthly with ETFs.

It requires less than an hour per week, allowing you to keep your day job.

I've been doing this successfully with "live trades" since 2007...

...(through crazy market conditions, CV-19, political unrests, etc.)

My system is based on actual trades, not theory. 

I'm willing to teach you what I've discovered --for free-- if you act now.

I'm doing a live web event this week where I'll be revealing the following:

[+] A little-known market sector that could allow you to safely earn 6.32% monthly

[+] The ONLY type of ETF you should trade (and how it will compound your returns...)

[+] Why you should avoid using the "moving average" indicator like the plague 

[+] Why typical financial newsletters and recommendation services hurt your portfolio

[+] The #1 way to begin netting as much as 50-75% in profit each year

Click Here to Register before all spots are taken.


The big idea in this email is how to get huge returns. The offer is a free web event. The value of the web event is outlined to motivate the reader to attend. 

Target Emotion: Greed.

Relationship Info-Product Copy

Dating Women


Dating women has become more challenging.


The Internet has just made your dating life a living nightmare.

Before the Internet, women would date the highest-value men...

...that were part of their local circle.

That gave a guy like you a chance to have women in your life.

A woman is only as selective as her available options.

Instagram, dating sites, and social media platforms have opened...

...the playing field for women, and they have more options than dating YOU!

Ouch, I know that hurt, but there is a solution.

You need to learn how to be the highest-value man possible to compete...

...or be ready to accept a life of loneliness and self-pleasure nights.

According to mensjournal.com, in 2010, 56.9% of men ages 18 to 24 have not had sex in 12 months.

...and it's 46.9% for men ages 50 to 59.

In 2021, 78.9% of men ages 18 to 24 went sexless for 12 months.

It's getting worse out there because women have more options.

Many are dating and sleeping with the same small set of high-value men.

You want to be part of that small set of high-value men that women select.

This is why you should learn more about how to do this on this page >


The big idea in this email is being a sexless man because women have more appealing options online. The solution is for men to be high-value guys, making them the best option. The reader should aspire to be the best option. Life is all about having options.

Target Emotion: Fear.


Your marriage is failing because...


Your marriage is failing because either you or both of you...

...stopped delivering what you initially sold when you first met.

Women often sell how sexy they are and how they take care of their bodies.

Men sell how in control, decisive, and fun they are to be with.

As the marriage progresses, one or both stop doing these things.

This is an oversimplification of why marriages fail, but in this short message...

...I'm just touching on significant points.

There are problem areas such as:

[+] Undiscussed Debts

[+] Not Speaking Up

[+] Troubles With In-Laws

[+] Religious Differences

[+] Differing Life Plans

[+] Dispute Over Family Responsibilities

The only way for me to diagnose your specific issues...

...is for us to have a 1-on-1 session where I ask you specific questions.

You can search YouTube and watch all the free videos you want.

But, your marriage will continue to spiral down, heading for divorce...

...if you don't have a custom solution to fix things.

Schedule a 1-on-1 session with me today - go here to get started >

Am I using 'scare tactics' on you? Yes, I am because you should be scared.


The big idea in this email is that couples are not delivering what they initially sold. I'm not blaming the man or the woman in this copy. I'm also invalidating free options found online and telling the reader they need a customized solution or to get ready for divorce court.

Target Emotion: Fear.

Survival Info-Product Copy

Self Defense
Home Remedies


Can you defend yourself?


Seriously, can you defend yourself?

If you can't physically defend yourself, you can't protect loved ones either.

The world is getting more dangerous, especially in America.

Liberals promote 'Defund The Police' and are soft on people who might hurt you.

Your freedom to own firearms is being challenged, giving criminals the upper hand.

Even if you have a gun in your home, what if you can't get to it fast enough?

It's a hand-to-hand battle at that point.

It's your duty to protect your spouse and kids with or without a weapon.

Have you thought to yourself any of the following:

[+] What happens if multiple people attack me?

[+] What if I'm traveling to a place where it's illegal to carry a gun?

[+] What if I'm attacked from behind? (Common situation)

[+] What if my gun jams? (This happens a lot)

If you want answers to these questions and peace of mind...

...knowing you can protect your family even without a weapon...

click this link to learn about a particular training I created for you.

Gun or no gun; Knife or no knife; you should be ready for anything!


The big idea in this email is that a weapon might not protect you. Some people think if they have a gun in the house, they can protect their family. A weapon is really a false sense of security. Most confrontations happen hand-to-hand. 

Target Emotion: Fear.


What if you had to flee your home tonight?


According to the United Nations, more than 12 million Ukraine's...

..fled their homes since the start of the war with Russia.

They were forced to live in Subways, under bridges, without access to medical solutions.

Could this happen in your city if America was under attack?

How would you give medical attention to your family if drug stores and pharmacies...

...were destroyed and you were forced to flee your home to live off the land?

In an emergency, if drug stores are closed, it might not be easy...

...to get medications for an upset stomach, the common cold, or other illnesses. 

Of course, you can store these essential medications in your emergency kit. 

But what if you forget to pack them, you run out, or they expire? 

You can use items from your food storage supplies, garden, and...

...other natural resources to create natural remedies for minor illnesses...

...stings, aches, and cuts.

Let me give you a few natural solutions revealed in my home remedies guide:

1. Rice Water relieves stomach flu, diarrhea, and nausea. 

2. Pumpkin for gas and indigestion. 

3. Honey and Cinnamon for sore throat and cold prevention.

4. Vinegar Vapor for sinus congestion.

5. Baking Soda Rinse for toothache relief.

To learn more about what's inside my Home Remedies guide, go here >


The big idea in this email is that if their city is attacked, they might not have access to a drug store to acquire first aid solutions. Natural ways to handle common ailments should be part of one's emergency first aid kit.

Target Emotion: Fear.

4-Part Autoresponder Series

This series can be used as a lead magnet to sell a dating product to women. It could be called a 'Mini E-Mail Course' valued at $47. 

"The Top 4 Things Men Want In Women, But Most Don't Have the Brass-Balls to Say It!"



Men want this #1 thing from women


Thanks for requesting this mini-course called:

'The Top 4 Things Men Want In Women, But Most Don't Have the Brass-Balls to Say It!'

What I reveal in this 5-part mini email series will piss you off.

It's not what Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, Oprah, or others commonly tell you.

You hear things like:

[+] Be an educated woman who's smart

[+] Excel in your career or business

[+] Own a house or investment property

[+] Show men that you're an independent woman

These things are essential.

You should strive to achieve them, but achieving educational, financial...

...and career greatness is NOT how nature configured men to value women.

So let's go straight into the #1 thing men desire in women.

You must be 'Fit.'

That's right; men desire women that are in shape.

If you have wobbly bits, ripples, and dimples -- you are at a disadvantage in the dating pool.

You will get less attention from men, even your husband.

You might be saying to yourself...

"I have 2 PhDs, a master's degree, I'm super bright, I own a 7-figure business...
...that makes me a solid 10 that men want!"

Yes, you are a solid 10 - in your momma's eyes - but not in the eyes of men.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

You have total control over your body's sexiness.

Remember your high school dress size?

If you want your sexy size back, there are training courses to help you.

In part 2 of this mini-series, I will give you the 2nd thing men desire in women.

Watch your email box tomorrow.


The big idea in this piece is that a woman must preserve her sexiness. Men are visual creatures because that's how nature made men. If women want to be desired by men, they should also focus on their fitness.

Target Emotion: Shame


Men desire this #2 thing from women


You already know that men desire women that are 'Fit.'

Men are visual creatures, and if you feel that's so unfair...

...don't get upset with me; argue with 'Nature.'

Now, let's go into the #2 thing men desire in women.

The #2 thing is 'Femininity.'

A woman that oozes feminine energy is very intoxicating to a man.

Men can smell femininity when it enters the room.

The question for you is, 'Do you ooze feminine energy, or have you suppressed yours?'

Some ladies think masculine energy is valuable, so they show masculine traits.

This could be a result of you being in a leadership position at work...

...or you're a business owner who makes decisions all day.

Maybe you're a single parent and leader of your household.

Perhaps you grew up in a family that told you to take charge.

Just realize that masculine energy attracts feminine energy.

This is how nature set things up.

Femininity has lots of power because it's voluntary.

A leader isn't much of a leader without a follower that respects that leader...

...and gives that leader the power to be the leader if they handle their power responsibly.

So, your feminine energy has lots of power.

More men will show you attention when you allow your feminine energy to do what nature intended.

In part 3 of this mini-series, I will give you the 3rd thing men desire in women.

Watch your email box tomorrow.


The big idea in this piece is Femininity. If women want the best options with men, women should ooze feminine energy because feminine energy is intoxicating to a masculine man.

Target Emotion: Desire.


Men desire this #3 thing from women


You know men value 'Fit' women - the #1 desire.

Men value 'Feminine Energy' - the #2 desire.

The #3 thing men value in women is 'Fun.'

Are you a 'Fun' person to hang out with for several hours or days?

Let me tell you what men experience most days.

They battle with other men at work or during business deals.

Men argue with suppliers, vendors, and government officials.

They fire people at work and yell at stupid people in meetings.

When a man spends time with a woman, the last thing he wants to do is 'Battle.'

Men desire an 'agreeable' vibe from women.

They don't want to match wits with you and have a tug of war over power.

Sadly, some books teach women to be 'disagreeable' believing this will...

...raise women's value in the eyes of men.

He wants to go to an Italian restaurant.

You like Italian, but you feel that you must 'disagree' to raise your value.

So you say, 'No, I would rather go for Mexican food.'

Men don't consider 'disagreeable' women fun.

Either you genuinely disagree with the guy on many things - meaning you are not compatible...

...or you disagree with him because you think it makes you more valuable - artificial value.

If you want men to consider you 'Fun,' being argumentative and combative will only...

...chase men away and leave you lonely.

In part 4 of this mini-series, I will give you the 4th thing men desire in women.

Watch your email box tomorrow.


The big idea in this piece is to create a place of fun. Men want a fun woman after battling men at the office all day. Men don't want to fight and match wits with a woman. A woman should be his relief.

Target Emotion: Joy.


Men want this #4 thing from women


Let's review what you have learned thus far.

You know men value 'Fit' women - the #1 desire.

Men value 'Feminine Energy' - the #2 desire.

Men value 'Fun' women - the #3 desire.

This 4th desire will make you think you're doomed but hang with me.

The 4th thing a man desires in a woman he wants to date exclusively....

...is a woman without children.

BOOM!... I said it!

If you're a single mom, you might be angry with me because...

...Oprah didn't say that; Dr. Phil never said that, and neither did Steve Harvey.

Those celebrities will never tell you the truth about relationships...

...because they might lose advertisers.

No man dreams of being a step-dad one day.

Nature created men to be attracted to childless women.

This allows for that man to pass along his genes.

All is not lost if you're a single mom.

It means you need to excel in other areas that men desire.

Go to the gym to create the sexiest body you can.

Ooze the most feminine energy.

Be a super-fun person who is easy to get along with for hours.

Your pool of men will be smaller if you have a child and even smaller if...

...you have more than one child.

If you have more than one baby daddy,  we need to have a 1-1 conversation...

...because your situation is very challenging.

So there you have it -- the 4 things men desire in women.

#1 - a Fit woman.

#2 - a woman that oozes feminine energy

#3 - a fun woman to spend hours with

#4 - a woman without children

If you have all 4 of these traits, you're in an excellent position.

If you're missing all 4 of them, well, your pool of men is tiny.

For signing up for this mini-series, I want to reward you with a special deal...

...on my course "Get Him, Keep Him, Get a New One if Necessary."

Use VIP Code GETHIM for 50% off the retail price (please don't share this code)

Go to this page to learn more >


The big idea in this piece is that men don't want to be stepdads. So they value women who don't have children. I still give single moms hope if they excel in other areas.

Target Emotion: Worry.

Sales Copywriting Samples

Webinar VSL Script

On Mobile: Tap a Section, then scroll down to read that Section.

Section 1

Headline / Sub-headline:

Immunity of Steel Presentation

How to Maintain A Healthy Immune System to Handle Whatever Nature Throws At You!

You need to prepare now for the next health crisis because 'luck' is a bad strategy.

Section 1

Hey, I'm Chris. 

You might think the worst is behind us, or you may believe nature's past wrath was the start of many more to come. 

Either way, I want you to listen to this ENTIRE presentation.

And in a few minutes, you'll learn why this hot dog with sauerkraut is the SECRET to your body maintaining a healthy immune system to handle whatever nature throws at you.

Listen, 'LUCK' is a BAD health strategy these days.

This presentation might just be the smartest 40-minutes of your life, so watch it until the end. 

Listen as I reveal how to maintain a healthy immune system in a way that you will find very natural. 

If you watch this presentation until the very end, you'll also discover 2 things you absolutely MUST avoid if you want to maintain a healthy immune system.

I can't promise this presentation will be online tomorrow, however, you have free access right now. 

You may think that you have heard about maintaining your immune system before, yet you have NEVER seen anything like this. 

This one hot dog tip will completely make your head spin and jaw drop. 

Remember, I'm going to share how you can maintain a healthy immune system to handle whatever nasties that nature dumps ion the world.

And I will also give you some little-known tips to help you craft a plan of action to promote healthy body functions. 

[1] The reality is that the world has changed forever. 

Relying on 'LUCK' is a bad health strategy in this new world.

First, I'm going to share with you an emerging health storm that the media won't tell you. 

It's so uncomfortable to talk about and may scare the crap out of you.

Before I tell you about the coming health storm brewing...

[2] Let me tell you my terrifying story so you understand why I put this presentation together in the first place.

I wasn't always into vitamins the way I am today.

March 2020 changed my entire view about supplements when the health crisis forced the world into quarantine mode.

My employer announced on Friday, March 13, 2020 that we should start working from home starting March 16th until further notice. 

I worked in Manhattan, and my company had been preparing to convert the workforce to a hybrid work-from-home model since that January.

I was living in Brooklyn, NY (where I am today), and the weather in New York City was crisp and cool.

Actually, I believed that the quarantine would last about 2-weeks, maybe a month max. 

Boy, was I surprised how long the shutdown truly lasted, wasn't you?

Remember that time? Wasn't that the craziest? 

[3] The scary part was that no medical solution could fight what nature had created (or what man created in a lab, if you believe conspiracies). 

There was no medical solution or pill to fight this thing. 

You could only rely on your body's natural immune system to protect you.

A truly frightening moment in world history. 

I was afraid. For myself. 

For my 72 year old mother and my brother who was slightly asthmatic.

Maybe you felt the same fear that you or a loved one might not have a strong enough immune system to handle what nature dumped onto the world.

[4] In addition to wearing a mask, maintaining your immune system using vitamin C was a common idea.

So off to Amazon, I went to get a mask and some vitamin C.

I was with my girlfriend Sandra in my apartment at the time.

[5] And, then it happened...my worst fear hit me in the face...

I thought Amazon had everything.

Well, to my surprise and shock, I was wrong. 

Amazon was sold-out of Vitamin C in March 2020. Can you believe that? 

Amazon, the $1.7 Trillion company, was sold-out of vitamin C. 

[6] I was in utter disbelief. Was the world crumbling? Was doomsday upon us? 

Are you kidding me? This can't be happening, is what I said to Sandra.

Maybe you experienced the same horror as I did trying to buy vitamin C around that time. 

Brand after brand was unavailable, and sold-out. 

[2 Slides] There was a run on Vitamin C because it was the only available way to maintain a healthy immune system.

What I'm about to reveal is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I was angry. 

I didn't care about stores not having toilet paper. I wanted vitamin C. 

I was angry with myself for not thinking ahead of the curve and ordering vitamin C weeks before the world shut down.

I watched the news every day. I knew things were getting worse. 

I should have been better prepared, and I wasn't. 

[7] Now, I was a sitting duck for the what nature concocted to maybe take me out.

Remember I told you earlier that 'luck' is a bad health strategy. 

I hope deep down in my bones that if (or maybe I should say 'when') the next wave hits the world, you're not waiting for the government to whip up some quickie medical solution again.

That's a 'luck' strategy because you and your family might NOT survive until the new medical mix is created.

You and your family might want to prepare now, which is what I started doing back in March 2020.

This horror got me thinking about if there were other alternatives to Vitamin C. 

Maybe there were other, more powerful, natural immune-supporting nutrients that people just didn't know about.

I promised myself on that day that I would NEVER depend on one way to support my immunity again. 

I realized that moment that the world had changed forever, and I needed to change my approach to health.

[8] I started reading everything there was to know about natural ways to maintain a healthy immune system.

I went through government research websites and medical journals.

I uncovered a nutrient lying in plain sight, yet ignored by most. 

If taken on its own, it would not help you much...

Yet when formulated carefully into a blend, it does something incredible to maintain a healthy immune system.

And today I will share it with you if you agree to stay with me a bit longer. Deal?

Listen, despite my success in discovering a superior way to maintain a healthy immune system...

I'm just as fearful of the next health crisis as you might. 

The only difference is that I'm uniquely prepared for the next one.

The good news for you is that I want to hand you my formula today to maintain a healthy immune system...

So that you can be uniquely prepared with me.

[9] No longer will you be a sitting duck waiting for the government to create some quickie medical solution.

You can finally experience the freedom to live life without worrying if the next health crisis will take you out before you're ready to go.

Remember how safe you felt before the health crisis? 

[10] You felt safe in a crowded setting with friends, family, and even strangers. 

If you want that safe feeling back again, let me share the specifics of the nutrient I stumbled across.

Before I share my discovery with you....

I first need to tell you about the more significant problem we face. 

I've alluded to this troubling new trend several times already. 

I must share with you how serious this new world problem is...

So you fully grasp why you might need to use the formulation that I discovered.

The world has changed in ways that make it hard to trust what we see each day…

…and it's not your fault that you don't feel that you can trust anything you see or hear.

You might have heard politicians and some in the media say that the worst is behind us. 

It's not your fault if you're starting to feel safe again, yet you're really in danger.

In reality, a bear in your closet is ready to claw you to death.

Am I saying this to scare you? 

Yes, we should all be afraid of what's to come because the world has changed.

As countries wrestle with a global health crisis that seems unending...

…you may find it challenging to think about preparing for the next health crisis lurking around the corner.

Now, let me give you a bit of history regarding infectious diseases and the references to back up what I say. 

I'm going to site sources that you should know very well at this point.

According to StatNews, over the last 35 years, an alarming outbreak of infectious diseases has hit the world regularly. 

Over the last 10 years, these infectious diseases have increased by a few each year.

Listen to this, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the infamous CDC) estimates that 72% of new infectious diseases in people originate from animals. 

These animal-inspired infections often kill humans, as we just experienced with this last health crisis.

Now, the World Health Organization (a.k.a the WHO that you often hear in politics) says that flu-like viruses are the top 10 biggest threats to public health. 

This last health crisis was a flu-like virus from the influenza family.

And according to StatNews, the next health crisis will most likely come from the influenza family of viruses. 

The garden variety flu that we all experience each year is so common that it's easy for nature to create more deadly variations.

These sources tell us that as long as we have the flu and common-cold circulating amongst us...

...there will always be opportunities for nature to create deadlier versions to cause a health crisis like what we just experienced.

I know you want to believe that quarantines are over, and I wish that were the truth in my heart.

However, the research I just presented suggests that health wave nasties are just starting. 

The truth is that today we are at the beginning of these waves, not the end.

You can sit on the sidelines and wait for the federal government to create new quickie medical solutions for each new crisis to come. 

This is probably not what you want for yourself. 

I want you to have complete control by maintaining a healthy immune system so your body is prepared for the worst when it hits.

As I keep telling you, 'luck' is a bad health strategy.

Let me give you another reason why another health scare is highly likely. 

During the 2003 SARS epidemic, antiviral medications were developed. 

Once the epidemic was under control, the apparatus for medical research was dismantled because there was no vaccine on the market.

If collaborations across the biopharmaceutical industry, academia, and government are dismantled...

This forces you and me to find alternative solutions to protect ourselves and family.

The truth is that we need to maintain a healthy immune system BEFORE the next health wave strikes and not wait for doomsday to be announced in the media.

Why? Because it can take 1-2 years before a vaccine is developed. 

During that 1-2 year period, your natural immune system will be your only defense. 

When your body goes into battle, you want it to be well-armed. 

You can support your body today.

Now, that you know the bigger problem that you face, namely that there are more health crises on the way, let's dive into how to protect yourself.

I want to give you 2 specific tips today that will help you fight the next wave.

These are some of the same tips used by millions of people who survived the last health crisis.

The truth is that the strong survived the last wave without going to the hospital.

I want you and your family to be one of the strong ones that naturally survive the next health crisis.

Tip #1 is do NOT rely on vitamin C to save you when the next wave hits. 

I made this mistake. 

After doing more research, the fact is that vitamin C provides minimal support for your immune system.

Using vitamin C is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. 

You must bring out the heavy artillery to battle the next health wave.

Tip #2 is to have a health strategy to protect yourself when the next wave hits. 

You might be like most people and simply wait for modern medicine to save you when something terrible happens. 

That strategy kind of works well as long as hospitals have a stack of vaccines ready for your health situation.

During this last health crisis, no medical solutions were waiting. 

[11] Governments had to mix a witches brew, a fast potion quickly. Remember that? 

Guess what happened over the first 12-months? Millions of people died worldwide.

I don't want that to happen to you. 

If you're watching this presentation, consider yourself 'lucky.' 

However, as I keep saying, 'luck' is a bad health strategy, and you might not be so fortunate next time.

This leads me to the biggest tip I can give you to maintain a healthy immune system, so keep watching.

Acidophilus (asuh-daa-foe-less) is the scientific name for the nutrient I found that delivers immunity of steel if part of your daily diet.

According to Medical News Today[1], Acidophilus is commonly found in sauerkraut, which you place on hot dogs, and yogurt. 

Now relax. I'm not going to tell you to eat hot dogs with sauerkraut and to eat yogurt every day. 

You might hate these foods, and even if you like them, you will quickly grow tired of eating them every day.

Now, healthline.com[2] says that Acidophilus can support your immune system and thus help reduce the risk of viral infections. 

We just went through a worldwide viral infection, and I just showed you information that more health crises might be on the way.

And how about this article from the National Library of Medicine[3] that says Acidophilus has been shown to produce strong virus immune defense in cells.

Let me give you one last piece of information from Very Well Health[4]. 

It says that Acidophilus protects against infections.

Now, I could go on and on with more evidence from: 

- University of Michigan School of Medicine[5]

- University of Rochester Medical Center[6]

- Pharmacy Times and many more reputable resources online.

However, I think you see the mountain of information I presented to you is just overwhelming. 

Acidophilus is how you support immunity of steel to prepare for the next health crisis.

Imagine this: once Acidophilus is part of your daily diet...

You now have a health strategy, not a 'luck' strategy. 

When the next health crisis hits the world, your body will be prepared to fight naturally while governments scramble to develop yet another quickie vaccine.

You can go to bed at night knowing that you're supporting your natural defenses and not relying on the government to protect you and your family.

Stay with me as I briefly explain how Acidophilus supports your immune system. 

According to UCLA Health[8], did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut? 

Your gut walls are where nutrients from the food you eat enters your bloodstream.

This makes your gut a critical player within your body's immune system. 

The job of your gut is to keep anything dangerous outside and absorb all the nutrients from the foods that you eat.

Acidophilus[9] makes sure that you have more good bacteria in your gut than bad (a state called symbiosis). 

A healthy gut supports a strong immune system to fight nasties that try to get inside of your body and cause damage or death.[10]

GET THIS: If you take the uniquely blended formula of Acidophilus I'm going to reveal to you soon... you'll be well on your way to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Now, your body will be well prepared to naturally handle whatever nature throws at it.

Imagine a year from now when another health crisis has hit the globe. 

There's no medical solution to save people on day 1. 

The government announces that developing a medical solution may take 12-18 months. 

However, your reaction will be very different than people who did not prepare.

You've been supporting your body's natural immunity using the unique blend of Acidophilus that I'm going to give you access to in a moment.

You're feeling in control. 

No worry, no panicking because you're prepared for this new health crisis.

Of course, you follow any safety protocols recommended by the CDC and your local government until a medical solution is produced. 

However, you feel extra comfortable because you've maintained a second level of protection against diseases and viruses.

[12] Smart move, you think to yourself with a big smile. 

Your friends are all a bit jealous of you because you had a plan, and they are now relying on 'luck.' 

You already know that 'luck' is a bad health strategy.

You now know the formula for protecting yourself against the next health crisis.

The secret to maintaining a healthy immune system to handle nature's nasties and keep you and your family safe.

Okay, so that was a lot, I just covered with you. 

You may feel a bit overwhelmed or confused at this point. 

And that's okay and to be expected. 

I just gave you tons of information regarding a nutrient that you probably never heard of before.

I also gave you information that another health crisis might be on its way and why you need to prepare for it. 

You might even be feeling scared, and that's okay too.

[13] Basically, this means that you have two choices to make right now.

Choice 1 is to close this presentation and say to yourself...

'Well, the luck strategy worked for me last health crisis, so I'm gonna give luck another try the next time.'

Who knows, you might get lucky again and come out of the next wave just fine. 

Sometimes when you gamble, you win.

Choice 2 is the savvy choice where you follow a strategy I give you. 

This choice is the easiest and smartest way to maintain a healthy immune system to handle whatever nature throws at you.

I've done all the hard work for you. 

I have shown you so much information about everything that I mentioned.

There's no need for you to do the research on your own on how to maintain a healthy immune system.

Now, here's what most people decide to do after watching this presentation. 

They pick up my immunity support brand called 'Immunity of Steel'

(Face to Camera) Let me fully introduce myself. 

(Face to Camera) I'm Chris Sewell, owner of Purvida Origins Inc. in Brooklyn, New York...

(Face to Camera) I own the brand 'Immunity of Steel.'

Immunity of Steel is a life-changing, nutritional-complex designed to feed your body acidophilus...

...a natural immune support complex that keeps your body primed to handle the nasties that nature will throw at you.

This innovative, nutritional blend supports a healthy immune system even if:

you get sick easily

you have allergies

you have digestive problems

you suffer from skin infections

you have blood disorders

you suffer from asthma

you have thyroid conditions

you are taking antibiotics

...OR even if you think that you've tried EVERYTHING else.

Before I go any further, it's only fair that I be absolutely, 100% honest with you. 

There are side effects to taking this product. 

When you first take Immunity of Steel, expect to witness the following experiences in the first 30-days:

You will enjoy the support of good bacteria in your gut resulting in normal and healthy body functions.

I have yet to find a customer who struggled to accept these side effects. 

I just know you will enjoy them too.

Immunity of Steel is for men and women who want a strategy to naturally handle any nasties that nature throws at the world because they realize that 'luck' is bad a health strategy. 

It's for savvy people who realize that the world has changed forever and future waves may be our new reality...

...yet they want to maintain a healthy immune system and not depend on drugs.

I've made maintaining a healthy immune system as easy as possible.

Listen, if you want the honest answer to maintaining a healthy immune system, then here's what you can expect...

If you want to...

Stop using 'luck' as a health strategy....

Stop depending on the government to save you when a health crisis strikes...

Stop being worried whenever a new nasty hits the globe...

Immunity of Steel isn't just a formula for you; it's a formula that finally puts control of your life back in your hands.

Remember, I presented you with tons of information about Acidophilus as an immune-supporting nutrient.

Acidophilus (asuh-daa-foe-less) is the main ingredient in my Immunity of Steel formula to maintain your immune system. 

Now, let me reveal something even more exciting...

Immunity of Steel actually contains 8 additional immune system supporters found naturally in everyday foods.

***It also contains the super-nutrient Salivarius (sa-lay-va-ri-ous). 

This immune supporter is commonly found in tomatoes, bananas, and artichokes.

According to Evergreen Doctors[11], Salivarius is backed by 30 years of research to protect your body from bad bugs that cause infections.

Plantarum (plan-ta-rum) is another super-nutrient in my product that your immune system will enjoy. 

This immune supporter is commonly found in pickles, Korean kimchi, and olives.

According to Very Well Health[12], if you want to maintain your immune system, plantarum is a great natural choice.

Rhamnosus (ram-no-sus) is the 4th super-nutrient in this product.

It's commonly found in asparagus, chicory roots, and garlic.

According to Scientific Reports[13], Rhamnosus has been shown to support immune response.

The 5th super-nutrient Lactis (lac-tis) is very interesting.

It's commonly found in grass, baby corn, and green peas. 

The Oxford Academic[14] says that lactis has been shown to support natural antibodies, aka your immune system.

Bifidum (bi-fuh-dum) is the 6th and a very interesting super-nutrient contained in my immunity of steel supplement.

It's commonly found in vinegar, yet who wants to eat vinegar every day? 

It's better to get my formulation.

A research article by Nutrition & Food Science says bifidum increased immune system factors in men.

Fermentum (fur-men-tum) is the 7th super-nutrient.

It's commonly found in red beets, capers, and eggplants. 

An article in ProQuest[16] outlines Fermentum's role in supporting immunity.

Reuteri (raw-terri) is super-nutrient #8 in my formula.

It can be found in capers, papaya, and cucumbers. 

According to Micro BioMe Plus[17], studies state that Reuteri can help support the immune system.

The last super-nutrient blended inside my Immunity of Steel formula is Longum (long-um). 

This immune supporter can be found in seaweed, which is a marine plant that grows in oceans, rivers, and lakes.

The Aspen Journal[18], which leads in clinical nutrition, conducted a study with elderly patients who were supplemented with Longum.  

Within 16-weeks, patients showed a maintained immune system.

As you've probably noticed by now, Immunity of Steel is by far the most straightforward daily routine to maintain a healthy immune system...

Without eating: 








chicory roots


baby corn

green peas

red beets




Wow, that was a mouth full... I know I just wore you down.

Now, you might love some of these foods.

However, I'm sure you can't eat them every day to get the immunity-supporting super-nutrients you need to fight the next health crisis.

The easy solution for you is to pick up Immunity of Steel today and take one tiny pill daily with your meals.

Realize that one bottle of Immunity of Steel is less expensive than buying each food I just mentioned. 

This product is manufactured in the USA, with facilities in Ohio.

My formulation is the easy, budget-friendly solution to maintaining your health.

You should notice positive results quickly.

Many Immunity of Steel customers report positive effects within the first 30-days. 

You will quickly experience healthy body functions if you usually get sick easily.

Also, prepare to feel regular bowel movements.

After 3-6 months, you should experience its immune support powers. 

Some customers reported that they have not been sick in 6-months after taking Immunity of Steel every day.

You may believe that a formula that can maintain your health would cost $100 a bottle. 

And honestly, it should be more... because your health is truly priceless.

This formulation has helped thousands of people fight illnesses, feel more energetic, and experience better bowel movements.

More importantly, this formula may save your life when the next wave hits and there is no vaccine to protect you.

Keep in mind that you're not just getting a bottle of Immunity of Steel today. 

Just for watching this presentation, I want to give you FREE of charge, the following bonuses to help you get through the next health crisis safely by having a plan in your hand. 

Remember, 'luck' is a bad health strategy; these free bonuses help you create a strategy.

You get these FREE Bonuses today.

(A $47 value)The first gift you get with your order today is a Special Report called Perfect Planning: How You and Your Family Can Prepare for the Next Health Crisis and Survive (digital e-book download)

You already know that 'lucky' is a bad health strategy, so I want to help you by handing you a strategy that you can use to survive the next health crisis.

Supporting your immune system with Immunity of Steel is a great start. 

You can also prepare your house. Keep extra supplies. 

Prepare a 'sick room' in case hospitals get overrun. 

Explore herbal & natural medicines and so much more.

I cover these topics and more in this Special Report.

(A $47 value)The second gift you get instantly once you order today is a Special Report called...

Harmonious Immunity: How to Naturally Maintain Your Immunity by Lowering Stress (digital e-book download)

Your stress levels can weaken your immune system. 

If you can lower your Stress, you instantly maintain your immune system to handle whatever nature throws at you.

I want to make sure that your body maintains a healthy immune system.

If I were to sell you each separately, that would be about $100 in FREE bonuses you get to help you prepare for the next health wave and survive.

Now you can see why Immunity of Steel is valued at close to $100. 

Even without the bonuses, this price would be a steal because your life is worth much more. 

And if you purchased the bonuses by themselves, your total investment today would be almost $200.

However, just for watching this presentation today, I want to give you a much better deal. 

Just keep watching because this deal won't last forever...

Now, of course, you could choose just to continue down the path you're on right now with no real strategy to survive the next health crisis.

You know that the 'luck' strategy is a bad idea!

When the next wave hits, you'll just hope and pray that you and your family live long enough until the government creates a quickie solution.

You might experience regret that you failed to plan today while you had the time.

And if you're not worried for yourself, what about family members? 

Your children? What about mom and dad, who might depend on you?

If you're not going to plan for your safety, at least plan for the safety of your loved ones.

Believe me, that pain level isn't what I want for you. 

So let's make this a really easy decision, okay?

Listen, I feel you deserve to know why I'm about to offer you such a massive discount today. 

Let me share my dream with you. 

[14] This last health crisis was a real beast for me, maybe for you too.

[15] And seeing 1,000, 2,000, and up to 3,000 people a day dying from the health crisis was a lot for me.

[16] I was stressed, angry, confused, and tired of being in quarantine.

Maybe you felt the same way as I felt. 

I'm only one guy, and maybe I can't save the world on my own.

However, I invite you to join me in this mission.

I invite you and thousands of other folks just like you who want to prepare for the worst so that the worst turns out not to be so bad because we were all prepared.

Once you get my formulation to save yourself, I hope that you will share this with those around you. 

Imagine when the next wave hits and because millions of savvy people maintained their immune systems using my formulation, far fewer people died.

When fewer people die, governments are less likely to shut down businesses.

When businesses stay open, people can work and pay their bills.

When people can work and pay their bills, families are happier.

When families are happier, people are less stressed and can enjoy life.

The bottom line is that I decided during the last wave that I absolutely need to let as many folks as possible join this cause to save each other. 

This means a much lower price for you because I want you to join the cause. 

I don't want "cost" to stop anyone from preparing for the next wave.

So let's get started right now...

Today, you will not pay the retail value for Immunity of Steel, and the bonuses, are not even close.

Your investment today will NOT be $200...(although the package would be worth that much)

You won't even pay HALF that at $100...

Not even $67...

Your total investment today, which includes Immunity of Steel and all the bonuses for only 1 payment of the price on your screen ($8.95 Shipping)

Listen, before you invest, I want you to hear my 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't experience positive effects, you can return any unopened bottles for a full refund of the purchase price.

No Questions, No Hassles!

Now, look below this video right now.

Click the button to secure your special price today. (Secure Your Discounted Price)

This package isn't just a great bargain you get today. 

You'll be joining the most significant immune system support movement in history. 

You'll be part of a growing revolution to prepare for the next wave and survive. 

Click the button below to secure your special price now.

Here's what will happen when you click the button below this video.

First, you'll be taken to our 100% Secure Checkout Page.

This page is 100% secure to protect your payment data.

[17] Remember the Stress, frustration, and annoyance you felt during the last health crisis as you waited for a vaccine?

You might have experienced that constant worry about whether your immune system was strong enough to fight the virus if you got infected. 

I know I had that constant worry.

Well, that worry can vanish the moment you begin incorporating my Immunity of Steel formula into your life. 

You are now in control of your destiny again. 

Today you start to feel that you control your future; the next wave does not control you.

Listen, it's not your fault that you were not prepared for the last health crisis.

However, today marks YOUR day to take responsibility because you know that a new wave might hit, AND you have a strategy to survive if you act on it. 

It's up to you to take action to protect yourself and your family using a system that I have shown you.

I gave you information from multiple sources that another wave is brewing and on the super-nutrients that can support you.

Now, it's your turn to do the right thing.

Try it and see the results.

Plus: you're always minutes away from an answer from our friendly support staff.

Look below this video now and click the button to secure your special price today.

Listen, do not put off taking action one second longer, and here's why...

First, as you recall, I lowered the price by over HALF so you can jump in now...

Yet, at some point, I'm going to raise the price back up to where it really deserves to be.

So act now before that happens.

And let's not forget...

...unless you take action now, today, you may be too late once the next health crisis hits, and I'm confident it will hit.

You may do what some people do and wait a few more days... 

...which turns into a few more weeks, then a few more months. 

AND then another health crisis is smacking you in the face.

So let's make sure that this unfortunate situation does not happen.

Look below this video now and click the button to secure your special price today.


Hey, are you still there?

If you're still watching, I bet that you have a few questions in your head.

Let's go over a few common questions I often get and the answers.

Question: "Where was your product manufactured?"

Immunity of Steel was manufactured in the USA, in the State of Ohio, in an FDA-registered facility. 

This means that this product is safe for human consumption as a vitamin supplement.

Question: "Are the pills large?"

Actually, the pill is not one of those horse-size pills. 

The pill is skinny and goes down quickly. 

If you have problems swallowing pills, a trick is to chew a little food, place the pill in the chewed food and then swallow.

Question: "Why doesn't my doctor know about these super-nutrients to support immunity?"

Well, you must understand how doctors are trained in medical school. 

They are trained to give you medicine; that's why doctors go to 'medical school' and not 'nutritional school.' 

Doctors actually know very little about supplements. 

They won't admit this because doctors want you to believe they know everything about everything. 

Question: "Why hasn't the CDC or FDA recommended these nutrients?"

The CDC and FDA support the medical industry. 

I won't go into the food industry, or drug company conspiracy to keep us all sick so they make billions selling us drugs. 

Those are some common questions, so let's get started right now...

Today, you will not pay the retail value for Immunity of Steel, and the bonuses, are not even close.

Your investment today will NOT be $200...(although the package would be worth that much)

You won't even pay HALF that at $100...

Not even $67...

Your total investment today, which includes Immunity of Steel and all the bonuses for only 1 payment of the price you see on your screen ($8.95 Shipping)

Get yours today; click the button now.

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