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Chris Sewell


We raise funding for Starts-up, Mature Businesses, Franchisees, Real Estate Investors & More. Get up to $300K in 7-10 days, no application fees.

Basic Funding Criteria

Personal Credit Score: 700 or higher (all 3 bureaus) 
Credit history: 8+ years
No BKs, foreclosures, judgments

Options If you Don't  Meet the Basic Funding Criteria

If you know someone who believes in you, and they meet the basic funding criteria above, that person can sign on your behalf.

Or, go through a 3-6 credit repair program we recommend to get your scores above 700 and remove negatives.

Why You Want My Team to Raise Your Capital

You get 12-months unlimited business consulting - get free business advice
24 months of credit limit increases - we don't charge you to raise your limits
5 year guarantee on term loan renewals - you don't need to re-qualify for 5-years
20% discount on future funding - save money on new funding
2-point compensation for any referrals - get paid for sending us referrals

Let's Talk Business Funding

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