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Want Exclusive  Auto Loan Leads that Convert to Clients?

If you're tired of sharing AUTO LOAN LEADS with 4 or 5 other providers...only to close zero...I'm glad you found me today.

My team generates exclusive auto loan leads customized for your business. Tell us what data you want about each lead that represents your ideal client.

We run and manage the Facebook, Google and social media campaigns to deliver these leads ONLY TO YOU!

Chris Sewell

Founder & President of Chris Sewell Digital Media, located in Brooklyn, NY. We Specialize in lead generation and raising business capital.

Do tire-kickers and non-responsive leads from Merchant Circle, Yelp or some other lead source frustrate you?

Our Auto Loan Leads are ready to do business immediately and they are EXCLUSIVE to You, not shared.

You get these leads within seconds of when we generate them. Each lead is pre-filtered based on the criteria you give us about your ideal auto loan client.

This means our leads will cost more than what you get from lead aggregators such as Merchant Circle, Angies List, or Yelp.

Your closing rate will be much higher because the leads are exclusive to you and represent your ideal client.

Custom Data Collection

We can even custom the data most important towards closing the lead. Just tell us your ideal client.


Because of the exclusiveness of these leads, we can not work with dozens of auto loan brokers.

Limited Partnerships

Let us know quickly 🏃🏽 if you want to be our partner to get these exclusive leads daily.

Data Points Collected

Basic Leads Data (Nothing Special)

Full Name
Email Address
Mobile Phone

Premium Leads Data (You Customize)

Martial Status
US Citizen or Resident
Credit Scores (stated)
Any Active BKs
Annual Income
Rent or Mortgage Payment
Desired Auto Payment
Can provide co-signor (if required)
Refi or New Loan

Let's Chat to see if you're a Good fit for our Exclusive Auto Loan Leads Program.

"If your business qualifies, I look forward to a long-term relationship together"


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