Chris J. Sewell is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Chris Sewell Digital Media, a marketing consulting firm located in Brooklyn, New York. He’s author of the book, “Affluent Patient Attraction for Cosmetic Surgeons” and “Affluent Client, Customer, Patient Attraction for NYC Businesses.” Mr. Sewell’s unique understanding of sales funnel construction for businesses incorporates trust and proof in a way that redefines the way business owners attract clients, customers, and patients in this ‘New Economy.’ Business Owners who consult with Mr. Sewell, no longer depend solely on ‘Old Economy’ advertising mediums, such as the Yellow Pages, Billboards Signs, or Radio, which are expensive, un-targeted, and difficult to track. Considered one of the top marketing strategists in NYC, he produces case study videos of his clients successes.

Effective Digital Marketing Solution

We offer unparalleled marketing solutions in today’s internet age. We have built a good reputation by bringing individuals and corporate entities a positive and engaging presence in the online world. We offer technologies and strategies that provide you with results as quickly as possible.

With our services you are always assured the highest quality and most impactful results, whether through website development, SEO or social media campaigns. We constantly innovate our processes and use the latest and most effective strategies and software to give you advantage over others.

Why Choose Our Agency

Choose an online digital marketing company that has a proven track record of providing unsurpassed
service for online and offline clients. Choose a marketing company that is composed of competent
and professional individuals with exceptional experience and skills

We possess the right combination of people, process and competency to provide
you with the quality of service you deserve.

Social Media Campaign
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are undeniably the most influential and popular social media platforms today. Almost
Facebook Ads
We live in a social networking world right now. It’s unlikely that most people you know are using Facebook
SEO Ranking and Boosting
The importance of SEO ranking in today’s online marketing industry is undeniably important. Marketers spend
Google Maps Ranking
Google Maps is one of the most underappreciated forms of marketing for local businesses.If you want your local business
Video Marketing
People love watching videos and don’t find them intrusive. In fact studies show most people would rather watch a video than
Web Development
The internet has become a crucial part of doing business locally and around the globe. It’s hard to get someone to take your business
Adwords Management
it is imperative that you get it right. These days you are competing with thousands of companies on a global scale,
Live Chat Management
Live On Site Chat is essential to increasing your web traffic ROI by getting you more customers. Live chat helps you

Our Team

Oversees the whole structure and formulates new strategy and techniques that can be used to provide better service to valued our clients

Captain in Arms

SEO expert that keeps track of latest optimization changes in the market and enhance and implement those changes for better ranking results

SEO Expert

In-charge of creating and managing our client's websites so they run amazingly well, are up to date, and protects us all against hackers and website attack

Web Developer

Our Digital Agency Expertise

We are skilled in a wide variety of Digital Marketing services aimed at
boosting your online presence and customer engagement in today’s evolving internet advertising
market. Here are some of the services we offer and can help any business that is looking to
have a better online presence or be the best in their industry.

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Website Development

Our team of talented and skilled graphic designers and developers can give you a website that meets your needs. We use only the latest and best possible technology and practices to create your site as efficiently as possible.



Social Media Campaign

From keeping track of the trends and changes in advertising we are able to drive traffic to each of our social media campaign clients based on their chosen markets and fields of interest. We have dedicated and professional team members ready to give your social media a boost at a very reasonable price.



SEO Ranking and Boost

Our combination of traditional and proven SEO methods such as: backlinking, the latest and most effective tools, and page optimization experience, will rank your website in a proven, efficient, and safe way.



Viral Publicity Generation

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are undeniably the most influential and popular social media platforms today. Almost a billion users are on Facebook alone and each of these platforms have powerful apps that can be installed on all major mobile devices.