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CASE STUDY - Testimonials

A Few Screenshots of Clients Who Benefited From Our Engagement Booster Services

Try our 'Engagement Booster' packages if you want more people receiving your brand's story each day... communicating your mission to the world... and inspiring trust in your organization.

The identifies of these clients have been removed because they did not give us permission to reveal that they are using our services to boost their credibility. We sign NDAs with many clients.

How We Achieved this Success


We use a combination of shout-outs and paid ads to boost engagement of your content to a targeted audience. 

We have a network of over 3 Billion people from hundreds of influencers who we reach out to and pay them to spread your message, which brings more engagement to your content.

We never use fake or machine-generated methods to boost engagement to your content because that would not get you good results, and we want you as a long-term client who refers additional business to us. 

We also pay you a 10% residual referral fee if your referral becomes a client.


Engagement Boosters are 1 of 5 pillars in our 'Brand Equity Accelerator' program to help organizations rapidly spread their brand's story to establish trust in their industries. 

This TRUST can be used to raise capital, attract media coverage, get attention from industry leaders, and sell more of your products or services at higher price points.

Are You Ready to Make a Brand Transformation In Your Organization?

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