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CASE STUDY - Targeted Social Growth

93% More Admirers in 8-Months to Tell His Brand Story to Every Day!

Imagine 93% more admirers in the next 8-months sharing, commenting, and liking your brand's story... communicating your mission to the world... and inspiring trust in your organization.

How We Achieved this Success


When Jason first became a client, he already had 673,000 Instagram followers. We didn't build that initial following for him. It was all organic.


Gaining followers organically stops at some point, and Jason wanted more targeted followers to communicate his brand's story to and change lives.


Once we implemented our 'Targeted Social Growth' formula to find more followers to Jason's profile, we grew his fan base by 93% in 8-months. That's an extra 627,000 admirers to carry Jason's brand message worldwide.


What about you? Would an extra 627,000 fans, spreading your brand message domestically and internationally, help you achieve your mission? 

You could build trust and respect in your brand to raise capital, sell more products and services, or joint-venture with leaders in your industry.


We use a combination of shout-outs and paid ads to build your following and raise awareness about your brand. 

We have a network of over 105,000,000 people from hundreds of influencers who we reach out to and pay them to spread your message, which brings you new followers.

We never use fake or machine generated methods to gain new followers because that would not get you good results and we want you as a long-term client who refers additional business to us. 

We also pay you a 10% residual referral fee if your referral becomes a client.


Target Social Growth is 1 of 5 pillars in our 'Brand Equity Accelerator' program to help organizations rapidly spread their brand's story to establish trust in their industries. 

This TRUST can be used to raise capital, attract media interviews, get attention from industry leaders, as well as, sell more or your products or services at higher price points.

Are You Ready to Make a Brand Transformation In Your Organization?


Notice the audience breakdown in the next screenshot.

75% are from the United States.
5% from Brazil and 2% from Canada
The age range is from 18 to 44 years old.

It's almost impossible to have 100% US followers and a specific age range, otherwise the cost would be astronomical.

Are You Ready to Make a Brand Transformation In Your Organization?

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