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Animated text videos

a simple way to express solutions

Movie Style Videos Based on Words

Animated text videos, often referred to as kinetic typography or motion typography, offer several advantages that make them a compelling choice for various purposes.

 Here are some reasons why animated text videos are great:


The dynamic movement of text on screen tends to capture attention more effectively than static text. Animated text can draw viewers in and keep them engaged.
Visual Appeal

Animation adds a layer of visual appeal to text, making it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. This can enhance the overall design and make the content more enjoyable for the audience.
Enhanced Storytelling

Animated text can be used to tell a story in a more dynamic and engaging way. By animating words and phrases, you can guide the viewer through a narrative, creating a more immersive storytelling experience.
Information Retention

Motion and animation can aid in information retention. When key points are animated, they become more memorable, helping the audience retain crucial information from the video.
Brand Consistency

Animated text videos provide a consistent and recognizable style that can be aligned with a brand's visual identity. Consistency in design elements contributes to brand recognition and strengthens the overall brand image.

A Few of Our Animated Text Video Styles

Given the short attention spans on social media platforms, animated text videos are well-suited for grabbing attention quickly. They are easily shareable and can be effective in conveying messages in a concise format.

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style A

Style B

Style C

Video Price Breakdown

Streamlined Animation - $300 per 25 Word script

Animated Text
Conservative Background
Royalty-free Images
Royalty-free Music
A.I. Voiceover
7-Business days turnaround

Premium-Branded Animated - $400 per 25 Word script

Animated Text
Graphical Background
Royalty-free Images
Royalty-free Music
Royalty-free B-Roll video clips
A.I. Voiceover
10-Business days turnaround

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You can order directly below. Just select a video package below and submit your payment securely.

You can also click the big orange button below to schedule a 30-minute chat so we can learn more about the type of video you need and together we can develop a strategy to get your more leads and sales.

I enjoy lots of back and forth to 'Get it Right.' Can you handle my expectations?

You get 3 updates, not total makeovers. If you don't feel that 3 updates will 'Get it Right,' it's best NOT to order.

How many revisions do I get?

We like to call them 'updates,' as opposed to revisions, because we don't do total makeovers. 

You do get 3 updates to the video we create. Look over the Styles above and select a style that works for you.

If we allowed total makeovers, the video would cost you $10,000+ and we want our prices to be within reach and still look professional.

Can I ask for a total makeover?

In my experience that almost never works out. So, I always advise my clients to take a look at my portfolio to understand the kind of work to expect.

Will I own the full rights to the video?

Yes. Once accepting delivery, you will have full rights to the video and can use it anywhere and everywhere you like. There are no additional fees or requirements to gain these rights. They are inherent.

Are you using a template?


Each and every project is created from scratch for the sole use of our clients. 

This way, each is as unique as the purpose it goes on to serve.

What format will my video come in?

Your video will be a high-quality MP4 file in 1080p HD. You can easily upload this file almost anywhere online!

Do you have voices to choose from?

Yes. You can select Male or Female voice from USA or UK. 

You don't get 20 voices to choose from.

Ready to Discuss Which Video Package is Best for You?

When we get on a call together, if you seem like a good fit for our video services, I will ask for a down payment, so don't be shocked.

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