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3 Ways to Magnetically Attract High-Paying Clients to Your Law Firm in 2023...

If you ignore these 3 methods, your competitors will continue to steal clients from you!

Your Website Can Either Attract Clients or Send Them Into the Arms of Your Competitor 

You might think your website needs to look 'Fortune 500'; otherwise clients will go elsewhere. That isn't necessarily the truth.

You want a modern-looking site, but it's more important that your site give potential clients a reason (and numerous ways) to contact you first.

If potential clients visit your site, see how pretty it looks, but leave...your site failed, and your competitor stole what should have been your new customer.

We Build Law Firm Sites that Force (I mean 'Compel') Visitors to Contact You First!

There are certain powerful elements your site needs to have that compel visitors to call you first and not even want to contact your competitors later.

It's not how many years you've been in business or the licenses you carry. Your competitors fit the same essential criteria as you...let's be honest!

The way our law firm websites increase the number of people that contact you for their needs is built into the 5 Magnetic Elements we put into your site.

What separates you from your competitors is how you execute your marketing, not years practicing law.

The first step in executing a superior marketing strategy than competitors is to let us build you a 'Client Attraction' website.

Law Firm Websites that Magnetically Attract Clients...

Your website should COMPEL potential clients to contact you first!










Frequently Asked Questions

I enjoy lots of back and forth to 'Get It Right.' Can you handle my expectations?

You get 3 revisions. If you don't feel that 3 revisions will 'Get It Right,' --- it's best not to order.

Do you offer revisions?

We offer 3 revisions to change anything you want.

Will I own the full rights to the website?

Yes. Once you accept delivery, you will have full rights to the website and you own it 100%. 

Are you using a template?

We customize templates to match your firm's identity. If we built a new website from scratch, it would cost you $20,000 and that investment would not guarantee you more business.

Can you host my new website and provide maintenance?

Absolutely! We can host your website on our platform and manage all updates for a extra monthly fee.

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